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IT Resources

You, computers and the School of Biological Sciences

In the School we have a wide range of computer resources for the use of our post graduate students. These are spread around the various school areas in workroom situations and in various research labs and offices.

There is one technical staff member involved in running and maintaining these facilities:
John Davis ( Rutherford Rm 638 phone ext 6461). This is a 0.2 FTE position in SBS shared with Chemistry.

We also have Matt Walters (Rm 432 phone ext 7799) who is responsible for science communication and digital imaging (photography, web, posters, publications).

All printing and photocopying, in the School is charged at 5c/page. We will credit your Canterbury Card (Quotas) with $20 to start you off and it seems that the Central IT will also give you some credit. Some of your papers will also grant you credit where it is needed for significant printing costs. This will happen on an ad-hoc basis over the year.

The following facilities are also available for your use

  1. The graphics lab, Rm 434. These computers have desktop publishing and image analysis programs that will be of more use to you in the later stages of your MSc or Hons thesis work.

  2. The Resource room, Rm 218, for photocopying and mail.

If you intend using a personal laptop you need to have a current virus checker installed and a copy of Internet Enabler (ICTS Internet software webpage). John can help you with this.

If you are having computing problems, or there are hardware problems contact John. If he is not available the next port of call should be the IT Services Helpdesk website x6060

Below are some reminders about the regulations and your responsibilities as a computer user in this School, and the University in general.

Regulations and responsibilities

  • The facilities are provided to support the primary functions of the University, ie teaching, research and administration. Where other uses are permitted they have a lower priority; this includes personal e-mail, personal web access and game playing.

  • The equipment should not be interfered with or left in a state that denies others access. You are not allowed to install any programs or alter start up files without prior clearance.

  • Users shall not disclose to others any password or other information that could be used to gain access to their own or any other account. The deliberate use of another’s account could result in charges of theft or forgery or disciplinary action for invasion of privacy.

  • All users are entitled to work without harassment. The use of facilities to send or disseminate offensive, abusive, or threatening messages or material may result in disciplinary action. (For example if it is unacceptable to say something to or about a person, it is equally so to transmit the same statement electronically).

  • Users must not use the facilities for illegal activities. For example breaking laws relevant to the manufacture of illegal substances, manufacture of explosives, pornography, defamation and privacy.
    We treat your files as private. However the system managers are authorised to carry out routine system operations at any time. They are also authorised to examine, move, copy or delete any files when this is necessary. For example when:
    i) there are grounds to believe that the integrity of the system or the rights of others are under threat,
    ii) regulations are being breached,
    iii) laws are being broken,
    iv) there are reasonable grounds to suspect dishonest practice. This action would normally only be undertaken with the prior authority of the HoS

House keeping

  1. Remember you are responsible for your own backups, which you should make frequently.
  2. Please take time to delete old mail messages from your mail folders and old files from your user directories.
  3. If you need to store large files in your user directories please look at keeping them in .zip format.
  4. Please report any malfunctions to us ASAP by e-mail ( or phone if it is urgent (ext 6461).